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At RHE London, we source, produce and provide our clients with the world's finest hair extensions. First we go right to the source. We have suppliers and hair collectors all over Ukraine and the surrounding Slavic hair regions. 

From this we have two hair collections. Our Slavic Pure range is manufactured to remove all impurities and creates longer, thicker ends. And our Slavic Raw collection are bulks that are hand-picked for quality and produced to custom order. 

In Russian Slavic hair, no two bulks are the same. Each and every one is as beautiful and unique as a snowflake. We understand the nuances of this process and we are here to guide you expertly guide you through it. 

When you buy hair from us, you embark on a journey. These extensions are to become a part of you and we aim to ensure they change your outlook on the possibility of hair extensions.

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