Are Invisible Hair Extensions Behind Kate Middleton’s Longer Hair?

Are Invisible Hair Extensions Behind Kate Middleton’s Longer Hair?

What is the Secret of Longer Hair? 

The subject of whether Kate Middleton wears hair extensions has long been speculated and industry experts have been foaming at the mouth trying to put their twopence in to uncover her supposed secrets. Hair extension experts in particular, have been keen to rain all over her good hair day parade. Speculating that she is perhaps wearing tape in extensions or keratin bonds. It’s been said that if you work in the hair extension industry, you can tell she’s had something added. Well, I’m neck deep in the industry and I’m here to tell you she doesn’t; and I’m gonna tell you why.

The Duchess Has Very Thick Hair 

Kate Middleton Thick hair


If Kate was a client for hair extensions, she would immediately need more than the average in terms of volume. She has so much hair. And for that she has to have many layers cut in. This type of cut is very stylish but is also very functional for those that find it hard to tame their hair.  

So, if you decide to add length to this with hair extensions, let’s say for instance tapes; you would need to add so many! And Kate Middleton has so many engagements where she gets papped with her hair blowing in the wind. There would be a picture or two where you’d catch them. Some tapes are easier to hide than others but generally speaking, the sandwiched hair would make an appearance on a long-lensed camera. Not to mention that with very few exceptions, most tape in extensions use processed hair.


Tape Hair Extensions

I won't’ go into lengthy comparisons about the difference between virgin and processed hair extensions here; but most tape hair extensions use processed hair. Kate has a voluminous, bouncy mane. A texture that tape extensions couldn’t hope to imitate in a million years.  

Nothing To See Here 

The same would be true of keratin bond extensions. They would be more discreet than tape extensions but the amount of nano bonds you’d need to apply to avoid the spaghetti look would be mind-boggling. And again, that’s to mention nothing of the texture match you’d need to do. It would need to be absolutely spot on. I know a client that used to fly two hair extension technicians in from Russian to apply 1000 nano bonds to her hair in order for her hair to look utterly flawless. And it did; but the hair was virgin Russian and it took two girls nearly 18 hours to complete. I don’t think there is anything like that going on for the Duchess of Sussex. There are certainly things that Russian Oligarchs might get away with that our Royal family would not.  

Some Hair Just Grows 

So, I'm afraid it’s very much a case of; move along, nothing to see here. As much as the tabloids relish speculating about the habits of the Royals, any talk of Kate having hair extensions is pure and utter click bait. It’s very clear to the untrained eye that Kate has nothing more than a full and healthy head of hair. 


Kate Middleton hair


So how does she grow her hair? She clearly stays far away from damaging tongs and straighteners; opting instead for a much safer blow dry by a Royal stylist. She also doesn’t stray too far from her natural colour, meaning much less damage from bleaching and probably doesn’t need to colour as often. Regular cuts are probably a must as any decent hairdresser will tell you for hair health. And I haven’t seen the daily meal menu at Kensington Palace but I’d hazard a guess that she’s got a pretty good diet too! I hope that finally puts the matter to bed. Remember, sometimes; hair just grows.  

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