The Ultimate Guide to Help You What Is a Hand Tied Weft?

The Ultimate Guide to Help You What Is a Hand Tied Weft?

What's All the Hand Tied Fuss About? A Quick Quide 

It seems that nobody talks about weaves anymore. The new buzz word does seem to be hand tied wefts. If you're new to wefts / weaves / hand tied then you'll be looking for the pros and cons of this widely promoted method. So here's a quick guide to hand tied wefts and everything they're awesome for - or not. 

They are made entirely by hand

hand tied weft


People often don't believe me when I tell them but every micro weft that is made is made by a real life person. No machines, no automation, just very skilled labour. This involves taking a pinch of hair strands at a times and knotting it onto tightly strung threads. One full head of extensions can take up to a week to produce! 

However, the extra labour is worthwile in the long run. Hand tied, or more accurately, hand-knotted, ensures that the hair won't shed from the weft like it's weft counterpart. This means (assuming the hair itself is of a good quality), that your hair extensions can last many more months or years without thinning out over time. 

They are generally flatter than traditional weft hair extensions

Anyone who wears a weave will tell you that the flatter the better when applying hair exensions. This is especially true if you are hoping to achieve a very thick or layered hairstyle. You need to be able to get a good amount of hair onto three or four rows of weave. Hand tied wefts allow multiple micro wefts to be staggered onto one row. 

thick hand tied wefts

But remember...they can't be cut

There are some exceptions to this rule. Sometimes hand tied wefts can be secure enough to cut through a combination of threads and glue. But as a rule, they should not be and can not be cut. Instead, you'll need to take head measurements of your client and have the wefts made to measure. This process makes for a much more bespoke approach to hair extensions. And once you get used to this way of operating it's unlikely you'd want to go back to the scattergun approach of one long continuous weft. 

Always check with your stylist

hand tied weft extensions

If you are opting for a hand tied weft, always check if your stylist is familiar with their unique charateristics as they are very different from wefts to apply. They require far more care and sometimes need repairs or alterations. For those who require something robust and easy to apply, stick with the machine wefts. They can be whipped in and out without care. However it's a option worth considering if you've spent a small fortune on the hair. It can mean the difference of years for how long your hair will last. 

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