Frequently Asked Questions about Slavic hair

Real Slavic Hair

  • Why do you use Slavic hair; what’s the difference?  

We always ensure we can get the best possible match to our client's hair in term of tone and texture. Virgin Slavic hair enables us to match it unequivocally without the need to dye or perm the hair. We also use younger, healthier donors which has a plethora of benefits. Younger donors have far fewer split ends, greys and have been subject to little environmental or styling damage. 

  • How long does the hair last for? 

With proper care and attention your Slavic hair can conceivably last for years. Of course, there are lots of factors that will affect the exact duration for you. We advise to keep the hair virgin for a longer life and refrain from using any straighteners or tongs. We would also recommend salon professional hair care products and treatments as well as regular trips to your hairdresser to help you maintain them.  

  • How often do I need maintenance on my hair extensions?

Once your hair extensions are applied, you’ll need to have regular maintenance after you have them fitted the first time. We would generally expect you to keep your extensions in for a minimum of 5 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks. This can vary according to application method, amount of volume used and hair type. Always consult your stylist if you are unsure of when you need to come back. 

  • You do so many methods; which one is best?

There is no one ‘right’ method for any one person. We assess the right method for you as an individual. This will take into account your hair type, lifestyle, amount of thickness desired and budget.

  • Where does the hair come from?

We source our hair from genuine Slavic regions and we can trace every one of our bulks to its original donor. All donors are paid fairly and directly for their hair and many come back to sell again.  

  • Do I need a consultation? 

Yes. Even if you’ve had hair from us before, we would still do a fresh consultation to see if your needs have changed. We constantly seek to improve the client experience and it’s a collaborative effect for the perfect set of extensions. Your consultation is the start of your hair extension journey. It’s how we get to know you and tailor everything around your needs.  

  • How long do I need to wait for a bespoke set of hair extensions? 

Generally speaking, allow two weeks from initial enquiry to actual fitting date. If we have a bulk in stock that you like then this process can be sped up. If we do need to source this can take 1-2 weeks. 

  • How much is a full head of extensions? 

We price all of our hair by length and gram.  An average full head is around 130gr for medium to thick hair. Your sylist will reccommend a good voloume for you based on your individual needs in your consultation.

  • Can I get a length or product made that’s not on the price list? 

Yes absolutely. We can source any length, any thickness and any texture. We may sometimes need more time for some of the rare bulks but we strive to fulfill all client orders. 

  • Can your hair be ‘too short’ or ‘too fine’ for hair extensions? 

There are of course some styles that may be just too short to allow for a natural hair extension integration. We can determine that from photos of your hair. Equally if you have exceptionally fine hair or are suffering from hair loss then you may not be suitable. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a solution. RHE also offers a range of wigs and hair integration systems for those that cannot use our many methods of hair extensions.